The problems are just like a part of our life, without problem life seems like a cup of tea without sugar. It is a fact of our life that we all become sad time by time. To keep calm in every situation is an art and every one of us has not to command on it. So, sometimes we can handle ourselves and the situation but sometimes it also happens when we are not in a condition to handle our self when everything seems like being out of control. When our anxiety and our anger are on its peak and at such a time it is very easy to say keep calm than in actually keeping. It seems to be impossible to let you handle.

To keep calm in every situation

Here I will share some of the ways which would help you in keeping calm in every situation.

1st one takes 5 deep breaths

While breathing keep one thing in your mind that like with everyone’s breath all your stress is getting out. The complete first step with a smile. You know what the most difficult thing in these situations is just to make yourself smile. Force yourself to smile no matter if it is fake. A smile will make you feel somehow better, after this move on to the next stage.

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To confess that you are anxious

The next stage, which is to confess that you are anxious or nervous or sad or angry. Because most people are unable to admit that they are angry, and this is their biggest problem and this is just like they are cheating themselves so at that time just relax and at least admit it that you are anxious. Because when you can express your feelings or anxiety at that time your anger may decrease so just confess or admit it.

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Encounter your opinion

In a situation when you are anxious then you have certain thoughts in your mind which are just useless or senseless. Which have no interaction with the current situation and these thoughts lead you to “what if” world. Where you have all of the negative thoughts (it seems like the thoughts of all our world) and you will start thinking like “what if it wouldn’t happen ever”, or “what if it wouldn’t have ever happened “and so many useless questions and the cycle would lead you to destroy your entire life. So, whenever you are having certain thoughts then at that time just stop thinking and ask some questions from yourself. After these questions try to make your mind positive just refresh your mind or your thoughts instead of thinking negativity divert yourself to positivity.

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Relax your anger

Do such physical activities which keep you calm instead of such activities like hitting something or screaming, try to relax and after that imagine or visualize that you are calm. When you are taking deep breaths at that time close your eyes and Imagine Yourself relax. See that your body is relaxed and work over self to stay focused and to keep calm in the situation and by creating such an image of staying calm in the future whenever you are anxious then you can easily look back to picture which you have imagined before.

Listen to music

Photo by Elice Moore on Unsplash

Then after relaxing your anger, there is another way and the most reliable way that listens to the songs’ music heals everything and it is the best way of all and even my most trust-able way. Whenever you feel light or you are on your peak just grasp the headphones and listen to your favorite song it will heal you from the deepest inside. Just try to feel the lyrics and trust me it is the best one way to keep yourself calm (both your body as well as your soul). Music takes you to another world. Your heart beating and breathing goes slow while listening to music and you feel relaxed even the music lowers your blood pressure. Even science says that music has a good effect on our health so we must try this one it is more effective than all others.

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Depart yourself from the situation

After that depart yourself from the situation and just try to change your focus from that situation and just try to change your focus, now try to change over another side in another way.

Keep your body calm

After the depart yourself form the situation, just keep your body calm, because whenever you are anxious it feels like your whole body is tensed, and somehow it is true that your muscles and your body become tense, so at that time it is necessary to relax.

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Write it down

When you are t too angry and want to keep calm then another way is just go to your any friend and talk to her/him just share your every opinion and if you are just unable to talk about anything or to anyone then just do one thing that takes a copy and write it down. Write your every thought, every feeling just everything. Don’t be worried about anything, don’t think about your writing or your structure or about your mistakes or even about anything just note everything.


It will help you to remove all of the negative thoughts from your mind, now after all this process go and get some fresh air and by all these steps believe me after all of this you will see a new change in yourself, which leads you to the positivity. You can be a better person if you can hold yourself. When, you don’t need anyone else to support. When, you are that much able to handle your situation by yourself. So, stay happy and keep calm.

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Last Updated: March 23, 2020


  1. It’s hard to Relax your anger especially with the difficult situation I’ve been through that many times but instead I do depart my problems temporarily to think the best solution. Thanks for this great advice.

  2. Great thoughts! This is a difficult time around the world and anxiety is very high for many people. These tips are very helpful.

  3. Like!! I blog frequently and I really thank you for your content. The article has truly peaked my interest.


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