Everyone is a leader in his/her life, someone leads himself/herself, someone leads home, someone leads family, community, region someone leads nation and few peoples lead the world by creating new trends thorough their leadership skills. Great team, communities and nations are always led by great leaders, and great leaders all share traits that are essential to their ability to lead. It has been observed that since centuries human being is inspired from birds including brilliant leadership characteristics of an eagle. Keeping in view the brilliant leadership skills and try to understand the 5 leadership traits we can learn from an Eagle.


The leadership is an art of sensitizing, mobilizing, motivating, realizing, organizing and leading towards achieving their common goal. Great leaders always set right direction toward inspiring vision for changing the world trends.
The courage, passion, humility, clarity and decisiveness are the key important qualities of leadership. The most inspiring examples of the leadership are Mahtama Gandhi, Nelson Mandela, Martin Luther King, Abraham Lincoln, Napoleon Bonaparte, Ashoka, Mother Teresa.

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The eagle is the feeling of perfection, freedom and power that’s why most of the political leaders and powerful peoples select the symbol of an eagle for their power identity such as logo, flag etc.

5 Leadership Traits of an Eagle

Nurture young

The eagle starts empowering their babies on the vary day by leaving food in their nestlings and baby eagles start eating food (meat) by themselves. All other animals, birds and reptiles feed their babies, but eagles do not regurgitate food to feed their young like other birds and animals. Parent eagles (male & female) just provide food and protect them during early days. Eagle chicks eat a lost and grow fast with twelve weeks they gain strength to fly.

We should learn the way of nurturing our youth and make them able to do everything by themselves. Empowering youth is the first step towards leadership building. In our society, we always look forward to, when our young people are able to take the responsibilities or able to lead the society. We should learn the lesson from this “Leadership Trait of an Eagle”.


Eagle is fearless bird so never surrender to its target. Important thing is this, Eagle nerve live in comfort zone, it always takes risks keep itself on the line. If we think like an eagle and put ourselves in the line always then the line will build great leadership. As a leader you should stay determined and must take the risks to plucked out of the crowd.
The greatest and brave woman leader Mohtarma Benazir Bhutto killed but she never fell fear of threats also never denied living in crowd of peoples.


Eagle strongly believes on its wings and never deny flying in open sky no matter there is storm or rain. The leader should be the visionary and highfliers and problem solver as like an eagle, but the leader should not complaint like the chickens do. Only highflier can not be a good leader if have not the capacity to maintain the fly and land down quickly as well as softly according to needs and ground realities.


Eagle as a hunter, fighter, highflier have many challenges in life but during the storms eagle always fly to greater heights in the sky. When you will observe the life eagle you will find that eagle always truly invest time when it builds relationships. Leader should invest time, skills and knowledge for building the relationships with followers or concerned peoples. Leader should be a greatest defender of peoples, whom leader is leading.


An eagle is visionary bird so therefore, it empowers the youth on the day of birth. Its powerful visionary approach makes possible everything in the life. Eagle always lives od sit on the top of trees, it never set nearest target. Eagle follow its target from the high points and hunt quickly, eagle never missed the time. Every visionary leader has to learn the lesson from above discussed top five leadership traits of eagle.

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