Natural and man-made disasters are common reasons for the gap in the resume of millions of workers. Currently, the COVID-19 pandemic affected globally and became the reason for the closure of job industries worldwide. Millions of peoples lost their jobs, cancellated travel plans, and closed business. Many development professionals, business administrators, travel managers, and many other workers are staying at home without a job, therefore, how to put a gap year in resume is the main problem of all of these.

Gap in resume

Hiring managers are not shocked to see gaps in the curriculum vitae or resume, but they demand a clear summary of what you have achieved and what transferable expertise you have learned. Just you must include the smartly and reasonably that gap in your resume. If you fail to include this, you could be responsible for your unemployment. In the case, you have multiple gap years in the resume so it can be threatening for your potential job opportunity

Don’t worry but explain your gap with your wisdom and strong justification because Employers just want to know why you’ve taken time off, whether working or not.

How to put gap year in resume

Employers are keen on the stability of your job history and they also appreciate commitment; this is why it is critical this you learn how to integrate the job gap into your resume. There are important things to keep in mind when writing your CV and prepare to “Wow!” future recruiters.

No matter, how much gap is in your resume or CV but here’s the advice you need to add a touch of pop to your black and white credentials list.

Basics of resume

First of all, the basic thing of the resume is you must know about ‘Dos’ and ‘Don’t’ for creating an attractive and well-defined resume then you can strategically place your gap year in resume. Always remember that gap year is not a negative thing, it can also prove you ‘re a leader, strong decision-maker, or you can hold certain desirable attributes in other businesses.

If, for example, your gap year time feels incompatible with the rest of your resume, this segment may be called “Volunteer Work”, “international Experience”, “Travel” or “any other additional activities and experience.”

Tips to put gap year in resume

Perfect resumes take up multiple drafts, not something that happens overnight. The following are some important tips to put gap year in resume.

Be prepared

If there is a gap in your resume, you must have a strong justification and you need to be ready with your reasonable strategy of defense. Hence, get the tips I’m sharing here prepared and keep calm! All is going to be perfect.

Be honest with your resume

Don’t put the philosophy and fiction in your resume, because recruiters don’t have the time to solve the puzzle of your job history. Be honest with your resume and clearly tell the truth because if you have the more gap in your job history you can’t hide it.

Give weightage to your skills rather than your job history

During the gap period, you must add the skills you are acquired for your extra work which is not part of your job history. For example, your one job period is January 2017 to October 2018 and the next job period is February 2019 to till date there is a gap of three months.

Here you can add you three months’ “Project Management Course” if you have done during this period. In this way, you can turn the recruiter towards the positive side. Explain what you learned during that period to your interviewer. Whatever it is, try to connect it to the actual situation and tell your interviewer how that time has helped you to be a stronger/professional, handling pressure and taking perfect decisions in a hard time.

Add some strong recommendations

You must get some strong recommendations from your associates, partners, clients, supervisors, or colleagues it really leaves a good impression on your profile. The professional recommendations can increase the trust level, but you must open it if your recruiter wants, they can verify too. The strong recommendation will make your resume stronger and it may overcome the bad impact of the gap in the resume. Try to use the LinkedIn services and get some strong recommendations and add these in your other professional profiles with the real link.

Don’t prefer a chronological resume

If you have a log gap in your job history the chronological resume will leave a bad impression and you be rejected before the interview or in the shortlisting process. Nowadays, so many recruiters are using HR software for analyzing the CVs/resumes, in this process you may be rejected if there will be a long break in job history.

If you are a beginner or student or just like to start your new career the chronological resume will draw attention to your lack of experience. If you want to change the sector and applying for a new sector your chronological resume will draw a lack of experience in a specific sector.

Prefer the Functional Resumes

The functional resume is also known as a skills-based resume, which focuses on your skills, talents, and achievements. The functional resume provides a quick insight into your skills, knowledge, and training. I strongly suggest, to go with a functional resume if you have a log break-in job history or you want to change your career.


Include this strong perspective in the resume. Go beyond thinking of your gap year as a tea break. Think that what strengths and skills you’ve learned during that tea break and how that experience could contribute to your next job. It depends upon you and your skills in presenting the scenario of a gap year in front of the interviewer, but the functional resume could be a positive point and particularly attractive if your gap year has a more recreational feel.

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Last Updated: July 03, 2020


  1. These are great advice. I have plan to look for an online job and I think these things will help me to get a client. Thank you!

  2. I absolutely agree with this post; especially when it mentioned: If, for example, your gap year time feels incompatible with the rest of your resume, this segment may be called “Volunteer Work”, “international Experience”, “Travel” or “any other additional activities and experience.”

  3. Ver great, relevant and useful post for us all! I agree with your tips, especially about putting more emphasis on your skills instead of your job history.

  4. I really like the tips especially on how you will be able to make that gap year work to your advantage. Nowadays, it is very competitive to look for a job and these tips make it more easy for applicants to make their resumes stand out.

  5. I am glad to know this information. I need to update my resume next time when I apply for work. I hope things be okay in the coming days.

  6. Fantastic insight and advice. It can be daunting when you go for an interview and they start asking you about gap years etc. It makes you feel very judged. So these are excellent tips to get over that fear.


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