Whenever, I have read any poetry, novel or story and listen to the music, I felt that all this has been written for me. Also, whenever, I saw the beautiful landscapes of fertile desert and ice-covered mountains of northern (The North), I felt all these are calling me to say something. Whenever I saw the sunrise scene, I felt unknown happiness and felt me sad whenever I saw the sunset scene.

I don’t know why?

But really nature is very beautiful to me, I am feeling this because I love nature. So many money lovers can’t understand this attachment with nature.

I wanted to say but never did

There are so many things I wanted to say but never did, because I am living among the peoples like machines, they are always running fast behind the money. One few peoples meet me who loves nature and natural things.

I can’t deny the vibes and energy I felt about these peoples in certain situations. Maybe I am wrong and those are right, but may I be right, I always accept every movement and moved toward the next destination because it is not possible to leave them all and start living alone.

If you are thinking same lime me, you have to follow your own plans and never compromise your dignity, don’t be machine man, enjoy your life naturally, go outside and live sometimes alone and fell the presence of mother nature in everything you saw on the planet and from the planet.

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I always discussed with me the things I wanted to do but missed due to fear and insecurity. Many places I wanted to go there but I missed when I had the chance. I never cried whenever I wanted to cry loudly. Always, walked alone on strange way in dark nights but never been hold any hand although I must hold that.

Again, if you are felling that I am discussing your life, don’t worry follow me and do everything, that you wanted to do but never did.

I always felt that, there is room inside my heart. But my brain worn that there is no any room for that you are thing about. I strongly denied all the decision of my brain and agreed on the decision of heart. But again I followed every decision of brain and never followed the heart. It is all about fear of culture, tradition and society.

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If you are thinking that it is your story, just follow your heart and go ahead.
Here I am saying about the things I wanted to say but never did. Remember, everyone is saying that he/she is an open book, everyone can read and understand it easily, but it is not reality it is the mask on real face, which is behind the mask.

I have observed that, peoples don’t wear colorful dresses, who are near to nature and their lives are colorful. So therefore, don’t make decision according to dresses and outlook but always consider natural thoughts, natural peoples and natural colors.

Keep it up the good practices,

Lifestyle Guru: 09/01/2020


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