It is not easy to review each and every movement of year, but thoroughly It was an amazing and one of the best year for me. I have learnt some important lessons of life in 2019. This year-2019, I learnt about the up to learn the allegedly happened situation in professional and social life as well as how to tackle that situation?

Reflections of Year 2019

Let me share here some reflections of the movements of year 2019.

  1. Completed three years of standing as an Advocate in Lower Court and applied for the membership for High Court Advocate.
  2. Started new website (WORLDINEYES.COM) and got AdSense Approval for this.
  3. Continued old website (JHANGIZONE.COM) which is already AdSense Approved.
  4. Established and started “Associates for Legal Solutions Ltd”, with another Advocate Friend. ALS-Ltd is providing TAX Consultancy Services in the area including Income Tax Return (FBR), Sindh Revenue Board (SRB) registration and other Tax related matters.
  5. I have been selected as a “Global Goodwill Ambassadors (GGA) Pakistan” a largest LinkedIn Group.
  6. Attended Many workshops including Humanitarian Response, Human Rights Defenders Rights, Cash Transfer Programing.
  7. Became the member of Pakistan Human Rights Defenders Network (PHRDN).
  8. Conducted many workshops at workplace.
  9. Started and completed new project on Humanitarian Response-2019 in Drought Affected area.
  10. Build strong relations with professional colleagues, national and international level.
  11. At last movements of Year 2019, on December 23, 2019 again signed new agreement of 12-month project on Education.
  12. My baby got A-1 Grade in class-x (10th) and joined College.
  13. I am really very much happy because I have used my skills and supported so many peoples in year-2019.
  14. I am always on the site of victim and I will on the site of victim.
  15. Enjoyed a lot continuous and heavy rains this year.
  16. Became the witnessed of seen Locust Attack in Year 2019 on Crops, Trees and Bushes.
  17. Visited world beautiful places Neelam Valley, Azad Kashmir, Khagan, Narran and enjoyed a lot.
  18. Appointed as a District Coordinator for Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) 2030 (Volunteer Work).

A big thanks to my BOSS, Professional Colleagues, Relatives and Friends for inspiring, supporting and guiding me in the year 2019.

A very big thanks to YOU my readers and followers because without your support it was impossible to start new website and get approval in only three months.

Reminders for you in 2020

The year 2020 is important, due to some specific targets, planned goals, social events and unforeseen conditions. It needs strategic planning for 2020 goals,

I don’t know who has written following six reminders for 2020 but these touched my heart. So therefore, I would like to describe and share here for you too.

Don’t chase anyone

Never chase anyone because you have your own skills, knowledge, experience and way of performing so you can follow you better. Always live your own life, never compare yourself with others. Remember you will never chase anyone in 2020 but you should plan to prove your skills, knowledge and wisdom.

Don’t beg someone to stay

When nature is not waiting for you, when time is not wanting for anyone then why we expect that someone will stay for us and we will rum together. Always remember everyone must complete his/her own running of life and face issues of life. Begging someone to stay for you is degrading your skills, experiences and wisdom. Remember you will never beg someone to stay for you in 2020.

Know your worth

“Treat other the way as you want to be treated”, don’t blame other that how they are treating to you. Always create your destiny within your circles including friendship, relations and career. It will create healthy environment and within that healthy environment allow peoples to treat you as they like. It will make worth sustainable.

Accept what cannot be changed

It has been observed, there is the treatment of most critical and hazardous diseases but to make a little change in habits is almost impossible. So therefore, be sincere with you and accept that what can’t be changed.

Leave what isn’t for you

Life is little journey but it very beautiful, horror, painful, lonely, alone and celebrations. Life is the very beautiful gift of God, it depends upon you how you are decorating it? Simply understand, accept and leave which is not for you but don’t compromise on your rights.

Love yourself

Try to listen the voice of your soul, try to understand and love yourself. I understand it is not easy but if you will follow all above point your will understand that how to understand yourself and love yourself.

Lifestyle Guru: 01/01/2020


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