It is the time to plan lifestyle. Don’t leave the yacht of your life on the will of wind and waves of society. I would like to share here “What I want to accomplish in November”. My Top 8 Goals of November 2019. I always setting some tips to achieve my goal. I have used those tips in this blog which will help you achieve your goals.

Today is 1st November 2019, it means the year 2019 is going to end on 60th day. It is very hard to believe that 2019 is almost over. Little bit cool wind is the sign of winter beginning. This cool wind will become wintry wind very soon and we will feel full winter.

Plan of Top 8 November Goals & Review of October Goals (Lifestyle Guru)

Winter is cool season, hope it will make us cool minded and will complete our tasks timely. Today, I am trying to analysis my October tasks and plan my Top 8 November goals.

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Easy Tasks of October 2019:

  • Decrease the Sugar Intake
  • A new blog start
  • Tax Consultancy Work
  • To Complete Professional Tasks
  • To start reading again

October gave me little bit tough time; at the end of September we had completed out short term project and October was the reporting month. This month teach me new lessons, it was very difficult to analysis the data and inputs of project and report the output and impacts of activities and presenting the mean of verification, when the team of project left.

Decrease the Sugar Intake: Strongly tried to decrease the sugar intake. I wasn’t completely successful; however, I feel that I have controlled to intake sugar.

To start a new blog: After long brainstorming and self-thinking, finalized the name of blog “World-in-Eyes”, and finally started it in this October.

To complete Tax Consultancy Work: I have come to know through reliable sources that the annual income tax return date will be extend. Hence, my clients were regularly pushing to complete their ITR timely. All remaining ITR has been submitted on October 31, 2019 and FBR extended ITR again one month.

To Complete Professional Tasks: It was tough job but completed timely.

To start reading again: Again, I failed to re-start reading regularly.

Top 8 November Goals, which must accomplish:


  1. Control Sugar Intake: I have trying to decrease sugar since last month and in November I will control to sugar intake completely. I think, now it is more important to avoid noticeable sources of sugar in my diet, such as tea, cold drinks, drinks and desserts.
  2. Winter Kitchen Gardening: I had been growing vegetables at my home. Since last few years, I left this good practice because of some specific reasons, Now I have decided that I shall start little kitchen gardening not for income generation activity but just for my passion and get some fresh vegetables at home.
  3. Read at least one book: I would like to read one book in November, today have started the reading. In November 2019, I shall complete this book and will write the review story for readers of World in Eyes.
  4. Tax Consultancy: I have finalized the Saturday night for completing the weekly workload of Tax Consultancy.
  5. Proposal Writing: All other tasks are related to my personal life and professionally, I am a Humanitarian and Development Professional and this month I have to submit two proposals.
  6. Unforeseen Activities: We always plan our life, but we have not control on external environment therefore many unforeseen activities always make hindrance in our plans, therefore I always trying to spare some time for managing unforeseen activities.

World in Eyes:

7. Get and stay ahead with WIE:

I have just started this blog still World-in-Eyes need more time to design and make interesting destination for readers of every society. Currently I have few posts are ready for November, we are only three writers, so I have to finalize three more writers for World-in Eyes.

8. To make, edit and upload the videos for World in Eyes YouTube Channel:

Parallel this blog, my team want to start YouTube Channel “WORLDINEYES”. Therefore, we have to make and edit videos and start our YouTube Channel. Which will support you to easy understand the lifestyle Guru.

These are some specific TOP 8 November Goals, What Goals You have set for yourself in this November.

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Lifestyle Guru: 11/03/2019


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