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small things that matter a lot

Some small things that matter a lot – LifestyleGuru

According to biological science life is a living thing but according to sociology, life is the process of the living of living things. Especially the high and low including social, cultural, financial and economic...
Things you should be grateful

12 Things you should be grateful – LifestyleGuru

Dear readers, I hope you have enjoyed my previous post "Ways to overcome negative thoughts - Lifestyle Guru". Today i would like to share an important topic "12 Things you should be grateful" with...
What woman wants in a relationship

What woman wants in a relationship || LifestyleGuru

(Let me say sorry to all my female readers for my few opinion about woman. Which may not be customary in every society and may be, the examples are from some orthodox societies) The question...
7 deadly habits that destroy relationships

Habits That Destroys Relationships you should avoid – lifestyleguru

My previous post was “To make any relationship easier – Lifestyle guru" in which, I described the to make relationships easier. There are so many questions that have been asked on WhatsApp, Messenger and Comment...

You want to see inspiring content, right?

The social media, print media, electronic media, writers and bloggers are posting a million contents and every content is not important for everyone but every content is inspiring and important for someone. I may...

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