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Money is not everything, but Money is the answer to everything

Since early ages we have been listen that “money is not everything”, relations are everything, friendship is everything. The poorest person of world is that who has no friend no matter how much money...

Where there is love there is always light

Mahatma Ganhi Ji said, “where there is love there is life”, because love always teaches us how to live life? Life is also a long hard journey and love gives energy and makes it...

Way You can Succeed in Your Business | Think, Prepare and Play

There are many skills you can make your business a success, but it also depends upon the nature of business, so there is no anyone skill to make each business success at any place....

Five-way to share your proudest moment

The 16th day of 30 days 30 blog challenge; and the topic is “Every day a new story: Five-way to share your proudest moment ”. If you would like to read the full series...

1 way to raise your SELF-CONFIDENCE

There are thousand way to live your life but there is only 1 way to raise your self-confidence, which is believing in yourself. Always remember that self-confidence is not a skill, which can be...

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