We are putting our foot on twelfth step of 2019’s stair. Yea, it is December the last month of 2019, exactly after 31 days, we will be in Twenty-Twenty. You must review 2019 Goals and plan your last 31 days.

Most of the people don’t believe in planned lifestyle, but they have been seen strictly following the rules of their workplaces.

I believe that, planning for every activity/project or life gives the clear roadmap and strategy to achieve the goal. As December is a last month of year, so I would like to suggest you review the whole year and 2019 Goals.

Reviewing the monthly goals and yearly goals is not do difficult. It is not a rocket science, it is very simple, here is very simple table which will help you to review your monthly and yearly goals.Recap of November Goals

I hope this exercise will be fruitful for you for reviewing your goals. In fact, I just finished the review of my monthly goals of November 2019, and the planning of December Goals, before I go into my December Goals here is a review of November Goals.

Review and Recap of November Goals

Just finished the recap of November goals by following simple method and two parts 1) personal and 2) World in Eyes:

  1. Control Sugar Intake: I did it and in November 2019, I have decreased 93% intake of direct sugar and didn’t used cold drink and sugar in tea, coffee and milk.
  2. Winter Kitchen Gardening: I have grown some winter vegetables at home and fond good growth in this month.
  3. Read at least one book: One book and many blogs read in this month.
  4. Tax Consultancy: Completed workload of Tax Consultancy.
  5. Proposal Writing: Two proposal were plan for this month, but I have completed three and submitted with all other required documents.

World in Eyes:

The recap of November goals focused on only world in eyes.

  1. Get and stay ahead with WIE: I would like to say thanks to all reader of www.worldineyes.com, they make me happy by visiting and true feedback and comments to improve this learning point.
  2. To make, edit and upload the videos for World in Eyes YouTube Channel: YouTube is still in pending, many times I have tried to start it, but I failed to upload welcome video. Again, I am putting this in December plan.

My December Goals

Personal Goals:

  1. Social Events: The winter is the season of marriages, in December I must attend more than 15 marriage celebrations in different villages, town and cities. So, I have already prepared the financial plan parallel to my schedule.
  2. Holiday and Celebrations: Annual holidays, Christmas and New Year celebrations are coming in December.
  3. Food Habits: The season of marriages and social celebrations can be reason of taking different dishes including Desert. As I reduced sugar intake since last few months again, I shall try to keep myself away form most of the heavy cholesterol food and more sugar containing sweets/desserts.
  4. Winter Kitchen Gardening: Taking care of small kitchen gardening and grows some more species.
  5. Reading Habit: As I have again started reading, for this month I shall continue reading for feeding my thoughts and writing capacity.
  6. Tax Consultancy: December is the last month of year, so may be some workload affect my other goals due to Tax Consultancy assignments.
  7. Annual Election of Bar Council: As an advocate and active member of Bar Council, the annual election of bar may affect my other goals of December.
  8. Job: Job is the primary responsibility, it needs daily 8 hours from 9:00 AM to 5:00 PM, different projects and program responsibilities are in plan of December.

Goals about World in Eyes:

  1. Coordination: As I started the coordination with writing community, will keep continue close coordination with bloggers for expanding coordination group. This coordination will help the group members on ideas generating and an organic traffic increasing.
  2. Apply for Google AdSense: It is soon but as per requirement, I can apply for Google AdSense hopefully my site worldineyes.com will be approved in this month.
    Catch up e-mails and responding on social media. This is the last month of year 2019, so I don’t like to lose my strength. I shall follow the rule “no one left behind” and will catch all emails and will response to each and every one.
  3. World in Eyes on Social Media: Invest more time with social media for increasing the followers on Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter.

Lifestyle Guru: 11/30/2019


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