Today is weekend and I would like to tell you a tale “One Night Stand” the story of a young boy and justice for a soul (Mrs. Buccet) for your fun and entertainment.

“Telling tale is an art, mostly in villages and gathering tale telling persons was very famous couple of years back, when peoples were not connected social media such as Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, Twitter etc”.

One Night Stand!

Once upon a time, there was young boy named Charles Darwin. He lived in a village near by Downtown. He was 13 years old and belongs to a humble family. One day Charles Darwin was doing his homework in his room. The door opens slowly slowly, he thought that there was a ghost. Charles felt so fear that, he leapt in his blanket and seeing form little space. He felt that door make too much sound. He felt much more fear. After that shadow appeared, he thought that ghost doesn’t have any shadow then he goes near to door. He saw that his little brother was standing by the door and wanted to make his brother afraid of that.

Dinner and Entertainment

That’s why, he was pushing door, so the door was making noise. After a little movement the child were called by his mother for dinner. It was a lovely dinner that all three children wanted to go outside for entertainment. But they have not any idea that their life was going to be changed. After their going out of house in hamlet there were two houses, one was of

He saw a Soul (ghost) of Mrs. Buccet

Mr. and Mrs. Buccet and other was his. After going out of children. There was so screaming in the hamlet, after some time they came back to their house. Everyone gone to their room and slept but the Charles was still waking. It was 2:00AM when there was so brightening, that he saw the soul of Mrs. Buccet. which was screaming but didn’t know that it was soul.

He asked with Mrs. Buccet, how did you come in our hose? After crying of Mrs. Buccet, she replied that, I am dead, I can go anywhere, the boy said that you are lying.

Then Mrs. Buccet said, I have been murdered.

The boy so closed to Mrs. Buccet that why, boy didn’t accept, she is dead.
After log discussing, Charles believe at her, she was a pure good soul not an evil spirit and asked to tell me how you were dead?

Mrs. Buccet said, I have been killed by my husband, that he killed me.

Charles asked, how this happened? Your husband loves you so much.

Mrs. Buccet said, yes! but after the death my child my husband always hit me, then the boy said I will give justice.

On the other day, Charles told everything to his family about movements of last night, but no one listened him.

He said to Mrs. Buccet, please show yourself in front of everyone. She did, and to see her in-front everyone shocked and has many questions.

After a big discussion, they promised; “we will fight for your justice”.

Justice for a Soul (Mrs. Buccet)

After some time, they all go to Buccet’s house and said that we want to meet with your wife. They noticed that all things in the house were not in their right position. They understood that it might be occurred in the fighting.

Mr. Buccet said, she is sleeping, I don’t want to disturb her, now get lost form my house.

All of them went to their house, make a new plan, they arranged a party and invited Mr. and Mrs. Buccet.

On the evening, at the party time, only Mr. Buccet came everyone asked that, why your wife didn’t come here?

He said, she went to her mother’s house. When Mr. Buccet sit on the sofa, Charles noticed, there was a mark on bucket’s head and cut on his eye, then he went to him mom and whisper in her ear something. His mom told that to everyone, after that his father took a vase and hit on Mr. Buccet’s head, suddenly he unconscious fell. When they came out of sleep, they noticed that he was roped thorough the chair. They all asked only one question from Mr. Buccet, Why did you kill Mrs. Buccet?

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He replied that, I am not Mr. Buccet, I am twin of his, we kidnaped Mr. Buccet. The father of Charles called the Police. The came in the house and arrested the disguiser and police asked from him, he told truth to police. He told that Mr. Buccet is in the warehouse.

Charles’ Father Called Police

After two hours, the police rescue Mr. Buccet and came with him in the house.

He (Mr. Buccet) said that, I was kidnaped two weeks ago after death of my child.

Mr. Buccet asked, where is my wife?

Charles answered, she is dead and he also share that how she contacted him? He also shared with him the story of justice for soul (Mrs. Buccet)

Mr. Buccet, wept for some time.

Charles noticed that, soul of Mrs. Buccet was gradually vanishing.

Charles said, why are you disappearing?

The souls said, my reason is now completed therefore I am going now.

Then after some days, when Mr. Buccet was going to his office, his car got accident by tree and he died.

He also dead.

Let me know how did you enjoy the Tale One Night Stand, A story of Justice for a soul (Mrs. Buccet).

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