Everyone has own hobby and these provide the opportunities of selection friends circle, career and business too. Here, I am sharing Hobbies you must try this year 2020 and make your year remember able and wonderful.

Hobbies you must try this year 2023

Hobbies are essential to our life because they provide a platform for self-expression, leisure, and personal development. It’s the ideal time to explore new pastimes and find pursuits that stoke our enthusiasm as we begin a new year.

In this blog post, we will delve into a diverse range of hobbies that you must try in 2020. From creative pursuits to self-reflection and social engagement, these hobbies are designed to enhance your overall well-being and bring you joy.

Video/Photos (YouTube):

Unleash your creativity and storytelling skills by starting a YouTube channel. Whether it’s vlogging, creating tutorials, or sharing your unique perspective on various topics, YouTube offers a platform to connect with a global audience and showcase your talents.


Discover the power of words by engaging in writing. Investigate other writing genres, such as poetry, short fiction, or even running a personal blog. Writing gives you a platform for self-expression, creativity, and contemplation while enabling you to communicate with others about your ideas and experiences.


Make reading a regular part of your life and immerse yourself in the world of literature. Choose books from various genres and authors, allowing yourself to explore new ideas, gain knowledge, and escape into captivating stories. Reading enhances your vocabulary, stimulates your imagination, and broadens your perspective.

Music Listening (Classical):

Dive into the mesmerizing world of classical music. Take time to appreciate the intricate melodies and harmonies of renowned composers. Allow the calming music to take you away from the stresses of everyday life and into a state of tranquilly and reflection.


Embrace the thrill of research and dive deep into topics that captivate your curiosity. Engage in in-depth exploration and analysis, using reliable sources to expand your knowledge and develop a deeper understanding of subjects that pique your interest.


Discover your inner artist by exploring different art forms. Whether it’s painting, drawing, sculpting, or mixed media, let your creativity flow and express your unique perspective through visual art. Engaging in art can be both therapeutic and fulfilling, providing a means to communicate emotions and ideas.

Desert Lover:

Connect with nature by exploring the beauty of deserts. Engage in desert-related activities such as camping, hiking, or photography. Immerse yourself in the desert’s huge vistas, stunning sunsets, and distinctive flora and animals.


Create your own green sanctuary by delving into gardening. No matter if you have a large backyard or a little balcony, gardening enables you to get in touch with nature, take care of plants, and develop a sense of peace and fulfilment. Plant flowers, herbs, or even vegetables and experience the joy of watching your garden thrive.


Unleash your inner performer by trying impersonations. Whether it’s mimicking famous personalities, imitating accents, or creating unique characters, impersonations offer a fun and entertaining way to express your creativity and bring smiles to others.

Socializing with friends/neighbors:

Prioritize building meaningful connections by engaging in social activities with friends and neighbors. Plan gatherings, game nights, or simply spend quality time together. Socializing makes relationships stronger, promotes a sense of belonging, and makes you and your loved ones happier.


It’s crucial to discover new interests and participate in pastimes that promote happiness, fulfilment, and personal development as we start a new year. Hobbies improve our lives and provide us the much-needed balance, whether it’s via creative endeavours like writing and painting, engrossing ourselves in the world of books or music, or discovering the marvels of nature and forming relationships with others. So, make 2020 the year to unleash your passion, try new hobbies, and embrace the joy that comes with pursuing your interests.

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Last Update: July 08, 2023


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