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5 Leadership Traits We Can Learn from an Eagle

Everyone is a leader in his/her life, someone leads himself/herself, someone leads home, someone leads family, community, region someone leads the nation and few peoples lead the world by creating new trends through their...

Things that inspire me everyday

The motivation and inspiration give you the energy for doing any work or assignment. The inspiration encourages you to fulfill your dreams or your wishes. Different things inspire us in different ways. Here I...

Tips on Personal Development-Passions & Ambition Pursuing

My professional mentor, Mr. Dominic Stephen always says, “you are here to learn, to grow and fly with your personal development to earn according to your skills” this is one of the “tips to...

Facts of Healthy lifestyle | Current Winter Lifestyle Trends You Must Know About

Healthy lifestyle doesn’t means only eat healthy food, avoid tobacco. The facts of healthy lifestyle mean "inspiring others through your energetic outlook (lifestyle guru).Current lifestyle trend means the new change in behaviors of specific...

Character Leads to Best Personality | Character is the light

Character is the light, which shines when the sun is down, and all other lights are off also Character Leads to Best Personality and Character is the awakened divine in man before all the...

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